A shared commitment

Every product, employee and partner is an expression of the philosophy that defines our entire company. Our vision puts people and respect first. In 2023, we again received the prestigious two-star + Lawfulness Rating.

Since 2012, the Italian Competition Authority has given this rating to companies that respect high standards of lawfulness and has promoted ethical and transparent principles in corporate conduct and respect for employees.


We have a clear idea of ethics and respect for people and their differences, care for natural resources and a constant search for long-term sustainable quality. These are the values we express in our everyday work and that are included in the Code of Ethics and guidelines of our corporate policy.

Code of Ethics
Integrated Policy

The value of transparency

The following forms are available for the management and reporting of unlawful conduct within the company. These allow us to be even more available to employees and partners in our shared pursuit of transparency.

Report of unlawful conduct
Reports management