Our Semi-Dry IQF products

Ideal for pizza toppings, fillings, sandwiches, preserves, soups and purees.
The Semi-dry IQF(Individually Quick Freeze) method blast chills the fresh product at a temperature between -18°C and -30°C. This allows us to maintain the highest degree of storage of the nutritional and sensory properties, with a longer shelf life.

The flexibility of the production plant allows us to create products with a degree of humidity that can be personalized in order to meet the needs of every single client.

Pomodoro Semidry


This plant has accompanied our cuisine for centuries with unique fruits for their adaptability and flavor. Symbol of Italianness, Farris tomatoes are all of local origin.



One of the most valued and loved summer vegetables from our cuisine. No one in Europe produces more eggplants than Italy.



Great in any preparation: appetizers, first dishes or second dishes. It was a poor ingredient, but with time it has even become part of haute cuisine.



It’s not only used for Halloween and risotto; the uses of pumpkin in cooking are very diverse. Sweet, nutrient-rich, and low in calories, it is the prince of autumn vegetables.

Peperone Rosso Semidry


Originating in South America, it found an excellent habitat in the Mediterranean climate, so much so that it immediately became one of the most widespread summer vegetables.