From the fields of Apulia to the table

We work the land and its fruits with respect and environmental sensitivity. All our products are grown on the land in the province of Foggia by our partners at Cooperativa Giardinetto.

The entire supply chain adheres to the protocols of agriculture 4.0. Technology and innovation are not only tools for optimizing production, but they are also expressions of responsibility and awareness toward the environment. From the use of electric energy from renewable resources and drones and GPS technology to monitor crops to the reduction in water consumption and reuse of water in cleaning, every aspect is analyzed to minimize the ecological impact of our production.

In all the world,
at zero kilometers

The products that we bring to tables around the world every day are the result of a supply chain that is certified and strictly kilometer zero, sourced as locally as possible. We live in a land that’s rich in natural and human resources, and it’s here that we develop every step of our production process.

From planting to harvest, quality control and packaging: a compact supply chain lets us closely monitor every single step to always guarantee a product of excellence that keeps flavor, aroma and nutritional properties intact.

All planting is done with conventional methods and, on request of the client, with organic methods, and is always done with the utmost respect for the environment.


Care and passion are at the foundation of every phase of our supply chain, and over the years, our commitment has been recognized with important certifications.

BIO (organic) For a production line that’s entirely organic, in full respect for nature and its development.

BRC (British Retail Consortium) To ensure quality and safety in all our food products for consumers and GDO.

ISO 9001:2015 For a production process that’s subject to constant quality control, across all business divisions.

KOSHER For a product that respects the mandates of the Jewish religion or personal dietary choices.