A story born in Apulia

Farris was founded in a region rich in natural and human resources, Apulia. Here, on our land, we have cultivated a unique legacy within Europe, and we work every day to protect and nurture it.

From the selection of raw materials and respect for the growing seasons to the development of modern production techniques and strict quality control, every part of the production chain has one goal: to give you a product that will satisfy your highest standards.

Technology in service of nature

Within our factories in Orsara, Apulia, we work and transform fresh, high-quality produce into dehydrated, semi-dry IQF and frozen foods. Our innovative and flexible plant allows us to obtain stabilized products with nutritional and organoleptic characteristics that are nearly identical to the fresh product.

Made in Italy Ambassadors
The commitment and passion that we put into our work every day has allowed us to obtain the prestigious certificate of “Italian Excellence” and Made in Italy Ambassadors. Recognition highlights the bond and pride that connects us to our land.

Farris specialty products

Discover the array of Farris ready-to-use products. The Rondè, Plumì and Pelatino preserves come from the best Apulian tomatoes. The pre-prepared Verdure dello Chef bring the best of our ready-to-use products to the table in just a few minutes. Contact our sales office for more information.

A shared commitment

Every one of our products, employees and partners are an expression of the philosophy and ethical approach that distinguishes the entire company. We have a clear idea of this approach, which includes respect for people and their differences, careful attention to natural ingredients and a constant search for sustainable quality. These are the values that we demonstrate in our work every day and that have been collected in the Code of Ethics and company policy guidelines.

Code of Ethics
Environmental Policy