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Verdure disidratate, semi-dry e surgelate da filiera italiana
18 Marzo 2019
Farris a Tutto Food Milano
15 Aprile 2019

Dehydrated, semidry and frozen vegetables from the Italian supply chain

Article from www.freshplaza.it

"We must be competitive on markets: competition comes mainly from foreign operators, especially China, who, as we know, tries to leverage prices to acquire market shares, despite offering a product of inferior quality to ours,” states Giorgio Mercuri, sole director of Farris Srl, a company specialized in dehydrated, dry-frozen and semidry vegetables from the Italian supply chain.

Farris is based in Orsara di Puglia, in the province of Foggia and the region of the Daunian mountains, an area rich in natural and human resources. One of the company’s strengths is its careful selection of raw materials, respect for seasonality, development of modern techniques in processing and the application of the strictest quality controls. "Every gear in our supply chain - says Mercuri – has one goal: to offer our clients a product capable of meeting the highest standards of quality.

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